Outvento: Gear Up for Adventure

Outvento isn't your typical electronics store. We share your passion for the thrill of adventure and the satisfaction of pushing your limits in the great outdoors. But we also know the value that well chosen tech can bring to your experience.

Where Electronics Meet Exploration

That's why we created Outvento - an e-commerce haven for outdoor enthusiasts who crave the perfect blend of nature and innovation. We offer a curated selection of electronics and gadgets specifically designed to enhance your outdoor adventures, from GPS trackers and action cameras to portable solar chargers and weatherproof headphones.

Tech for Deeper Connections, Not Disconnection

We believe that technology shouldn't disconnect you from nature. It should empower you to experience it more fully. So ditch the screen addiction and let Outvento equip you to navigate new trails, capture breathtaking moments, and stay safe and connected while you reconnect with the Earth.

Fuel Your Adventures with Outvento

Join the Outvento community and get ready to fuel your outdoor adventures with the perfect tech companions.



Shipping - Free Shipping

Shipping cost varies by country and shipment method. Orders over 99 EUR eligible for free shipping.

Where do we ship to?

Shipping is available to Austria, Denmark, France, Germany and Sweden. If you have a request, please do not hesitate to reach out, we will do our best to help out.

Why choose us?

By selecting us, you gain access to top products in the category for your outdoor activities. Rest assured, all items undergo thorough testing to ensure optimal quality. Our team of experts hand-pick each product to meet the highest standards for your outdoor adventures.